Party ‘Til Music Video (2016)

Thanks for the Advice (2015)


Written, Directed, Edited, and Scored by ZZ Satriani.

• In this surreal dark comedy, a dejected and vulnerable college student, driven to insanity by the advice of his presumptuous friends and ominous subconscious incarnate, must decide whether he can move on from his ex-girlfriend following their breakup.

Nightmare (2013)

Edited by ZZ Satriani

• This found footage edit explores a depressing, disconcerting, and absurd side of American culture that we sometimes choose to ignore.

Monolith (2014)


• Weingart Gallery, Occidental College

• A painting within a film within a painting… The painting displays an abstraction of freely applied ketchup, chocolate, and other ambiguous substances. In the near center, a television emerges through an impetuously fashioned opening in the canvas, presenting a short, looping film. Somewhere in between comedy and horror, the fictional piece offers an account of the processes that went into every detail on the canvas, from the stains to the incisions. In one sense the canvas exists in the timeless world of this fictional film, with its sinister character and physical development separated from reality. However, in the gallery, it exhibits its verisimilitude or authenticity, transcending the two realities presented to the spectator.

 A Better Life (2014)

Written, Directed, Edited, and Scored by ZZ Satriani.

• In this satirical, absurdist comedy, a despondent young man turns his life around with the help of a seedy online self-improvement course but finds out that there are extreme repercussions.

 Don’t Be Like Mommy (2014)

a couple frame grabs

Cinematography by ZZ Satriani

• Don’t Be Like Mommy follows a vengeful girl named Sally as she decides to confront her neglectful mother with cruel intent.



Eastern Cream (2012)

Written, Directed, Filmed, and Edited by ZZ Satriani

• This dark comedy short explores three unrelated and unclear storylines bound by their absurdity and haunting conclusions. It is an experiment of chaos and coherence, where discomfort complicates comedy.

ZZ Satriani’ G3 Tour Doc (2012)

Filmed and Edited by ZZ Satriani

• An experimental mix of documentary and montage chronicling ZZ’s father, Joe Satriani, along with his band and crew, touring through Europe, hanging out back stage, and performing for live audiences.

 Strawberry (2010)

Written, Directed, Filmed, and Edited by ZZ Satriani

• The last segment of three in ZZ’s short film III (2010), Strawberry is a pleasant proposal of what it would be like to eat the leaves atop a strawberry. This is, in a sense, his first music video.

Gatorade (2010)

Co-written, Directed, Filmed, and Edited by ZZ Satriani

• As ZZ’s first official short film, Gatorade was an embarkment on his development with narrative practices and technical skill, with respect to his camera and professional editing software. This film functions as reaffirmation – don’t steal you friend’s Gatorade.