Space Between (2019)

Directed, Produced, and Edited by ZZ Satriani.

• “Space Between” is an experimental short film based on Sammy Hagar & The Circle’s concept album of the same name. The movie follows the main character, John, through a gluttonous and greed-filled arc of his life where newly inherited money consumes him as he chases an endless circle of drugs, gambling and parties. After bottoming out, he must make a choice to go back to that lifestyle or confront his own demons and begin a path toward enlightenment and truth.

Beyond the Supernova (2017)

new poster

Filmed, Edited, Directed, and Produced by ZZ Satriani.

• 30 years after the release of his multi-platinum selling album, Surfing with the Alien, Joe Satriani searches for the next step in his career.  “Beyond the Supernova” is a tour documentary that offers a glimpse into the mind of the guitarist as he looks back on his career while performing music from “Shockwave Supernova” through Asia and Europe. We learn of the autobiographical concept behind the record and how it plays into determining his next creative step. The documentary is a behind the scenes romp filmed during the “Surfing To Shockwave World Tour” featuring performances from Joe, Mike Keneally, Bryan Bellar and Marco Minnemann, as well as cameo appearances by guitarists Steve Vai and Guthrie Govan.



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